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Expect to shake, burn, and drip sweat during our 45 minute, completely unique, total body workout. At HGF we specialize in Lagree Fitness, which is one of the only group training classes in the world to offer a high intensity, low impact, COVID friendly workout. Through controlled movements, performed slowly on our Megaformer machines, your muscles stay under constant, continuous tension, creating strength and building endurance. Our transitions are quick, and fluid which causes your heart rate to spike, delivering a true cardio class that also challenges your balance, enhances your flexibility, elongates your body, and absolutely shreds your core.

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The Workout

Our 45-minute intense total body workout is performed entirely on the revolutionary Megaformer machine.  Taught to upbeat, energetic music, our instructors will guide you through every move, every class, regardless of experience level.  No two classes will ever be the same as the Megaformer offers hundreds of combinations challenging different muscles, pushing your body to the max during every workout! Every move is scalable and we offer variations to intensify class, as well as modifications to scale things back.  We are a completely judgment free community and there is no better time than now to be a beginner!  See you on the Mega!

The Megaformer

Based on the science of tension, the magic of the Megaformer lies within its 8 hidden springs nestled below the machine’s carriage. These unassuming coils, when paired together with the moving carriage, will absolutely wreak havoc on your muscles, leaving every fiber of your body shaking. Featuring adjustable handrails, long cable straps, and several hand/foot cutouts, the Megaformer is built to be completely customizable allowing you to contort your body, working muscles like never before.



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