Frequently Asked Questions

What is Higher Ground Fitness all about?

At Higher Ground Fitness we will guide you on a journey towards discovering your best YOU! Using our revolutionary MEGAFORMER full body workout, all fitness levels are invited to join our movement of change. From the moment you walk into our studio you will feel the energy! Our upbeat music will carry you through a 45 minute cardio based workout that will improve your flexibility and balance, strengthen every inch of your body and most importantly leave your SOUL ON FIRE!


What is the Megaformer?

The Megaformer is similar to a pilates reformer in appearance (two stable platforms in the front and back with a moving carriage in the middle), but it is certainly NOT the same! Sure, they both offer flexibility and toning, but our machines also provide a high-intensity cardio workout that is amazingly still low impact, so you won’t hurt your joints! While pilates might leave your core feeling a bit stronger, out Megaformer workout will tone your entire body, leave you shaking, and asking, what just happened…all while begging for more!


Who else is trying our Megaformer workout?

Ever wonder why Megan Markel looked so radiant on her wedding day? She claims it was Lagree Fitness, the LA based Megaformer workout that got her ready! In fact, the new Duchess was quoted in People Magazine as saying “Your body changes immediately…give it two classes and you will see a difference.” And she’s not alone. our method, created by a celebrity fitness trainer, Sebastian Lagree is also a favorite of Jennifer Aniston, Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, and Kim Kardashian West.


What to expect during our 45-min class?

First, thank you for opening your mind, body, and heart to something new…we promise you won’t regret it! This workout is for everyone, yes everyone and that’s because every move, every minute of class can be modified to fit the participant. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, just getting back into fitness, or a retired Olympian, Higher Ground Fitness is for you. Every class is a total body workout and will help improve your strength, flexibility, and endurance, all while tighening and toning you SAFELY. Your first class will be difficult, we won’t lie, but if you stick with Higher Ground Fitness, the view from the top is way better!

Erin Magner from said it best after completing her first workout, “There aren’t many workout that inspire such intense highs and lows – such a feeling of accomplishment when you make it through to the other side.”


What should you wear to class?

From the ankles up, anything goes, however you’ll be most comfortable in flexible, stretchy clothing. On your feet we require grippy socks. This is for your protection to avoid any slipping and sliding, but also for sanitary reasons. We do a lot of standing on the machines, and while we certainly wipe them down after every class, we think that it is best for all members to wear grip socks! You’re more than welcome to bring your own or purchase a pair at the studio…we have some cute options!


How often should I take classes?

Our HGF Total Body workouts are designed to do exactly what they say, work your entire body! Your muscles will fatigue (which is a good thing), but you’ll need to rest. We recommend taking 3-4 classes per week for the best results. On your non-Mega days, we encourage you to join us for HGF Stretch and Flow!


When should I arrive to my first class?

Plan to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of your first class. We’ll give you a quick tour of our studio, answer any questions you may have, as well as get you up on the machines. If your taking the Road to the Mega, our intro session, we’ll cover all of the above in the class.


What if I can’t make it to class?

We have a 12-hour cancellation policy for all of our classes, private sessions + semi-private sessions. If a class is booked under a single session or class pack, a missed class will result in loss of the class. If the missed class was booked under a membership or commitment style contract, the missed class will result in a $10 late cancel/no show fee. Please email the studio with any questions regarding our cancellation policy.