Our Story

While living in Santa Monica, CA, Darcy McQuiggan (now Krinsky) fell in love with Lagree Fitness. This Pilates inspired workout was like nothing she had ever tried! The results were fast, the intensity was amazing, but what really kept her coming back was the pain-free feeling on her joints! After years of playing competitive soccer, running & jumping were not an option on her knees. This workout became her solution…High Intensity, Low Impact…AND THE LAGREE LOVE FEST BEGAN!

Years later after moving to the suburbs, Darcy began to miss the boutique studios that the major cities offered, especially Lagree Fitness! While talking with friends she realized she was not the only one who felt this way…why did starting a family & moving out of Boston mean settling for big box gyms & dreadful treadmills? With a leap of faith, Higher Ground Fitness was born, a boutique fitness experience in the suburbs of Mansfield, MA! We hope you’ll join us and stop settling for the status quo!